What Is The Best Braided Lightning Cable ? – We Think Its Leadbuddy

For me the best Lightning cable is the 3-foot LeadBuddy DUO Lightning cable, because it hits all the right notes when it comes to style, performance, and costs less due to Amazon promo claim codes. It’s impossible for us to check each Lightning cable, but getting tested hundreds of them since Apple changed the 30-pin connector in 2012, and after evaluating the DUO cable against our prior leading picks, we can state that LeadBuddy’s cable stands out in the group as the best braided lightning cable and it is available on Amazon.cable3
LeadBuddy’s DUO cables charge iPads, iPhones, iPods– and also the myriad of Lightning-based add-ons Apple introduced over the previous year– at their maximum pace (although the 12.9-inch iPad Professional can charge even faster having a unique cable and charger). Furthermore they are affordable: The 3-foot cable is half the price of Apple’s 1-meter (three.5-foot) Lightning to USB Cable.

Most Lightning cables look alike, but whenever you appear carefully at the DUO, its benefits display. According to LeadBuddy, the cable is made to possess a 5,000-plus-bend lifespan. Once more, we take the company at its phrase on this 1; what we are able to say would be that the DUO cables look and feel sturdier, especially at these link factors, than a few of our previous picks from Monoprice, AmazonBasics, and Aduro.

LeadBuddy’s cables have always been a few of the best when it comes to situation compatibility. We tested the cable on instances with notoriously restricted Lightning port openings and located no problems.

We verified the DUO’s charging pace by plugging it into a USB power monitor attached to Apple’s 12W USB Power Adapter. We connected an iPad Air two, which can draw two.4 amps. The ability keep track of regularly confirmed draw of about two.3 amps, which matches what we’ve found with other cables (the figure is never precisely at two.four amps due to electrical resistance and rounding).
LeadBuddy’s warranty and customer service enhance its products nicely. In our encounter, the organization has been fast to replace anything that breaks within the 18-month warranty time period without any hassle.
Professional reviews of cables do not exist at this time, but due to LeadBuddy’s recognition on Amazon, a sizable base of consumer critiques backs up the firm’s promises. Across one,one hundred critiques in the time of publication, the DUO Lightning cable features a four.8-star score (out of five). That’s an impressive number of higher ratings– only 12 percent of its rankings are beneath 5 stars.

LeadBuddy’s DUO cables charge iPads, iPhones, iPods– and also the plethora of Lightning-based accessories Apple introduced more than the previous year– at their maximum speed (although the twelve.9-inch iPad Professional can charge even faster with a unique cable and charger). LeadBuddy builds its DUO cables with Kevlar fiber and PVC strain-relief collars that should prevent fraying throughout normal use. Furthermore they are inexpensive: The 3-foot cable is half the price of Apple’s 1-meter (3.5-foot) Lightning to USB Cable. Add to this LeadBuddy’s reputation for stellar hardware, its great customer service, and an amazing 18-month warranty, and it’s clear why this cable is our choose.

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