How Do You Backup Your iOS Notes Into Gmail ?

If you have a Gmail email account and an iPhone, this is how to back up your iPhone notes with your Gmail account and access them on any computer when you log into your Gmail account.

Gmail is one of the most popular email services and the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. Together, they can create the ultimate combination. If you use the Notes app on yoHow Do You Backup Your iOS Notesur iPhone religiously and wish you could access them in your Gmail account, you’re in luck.

Many apps will automatically “back up” your data to the appropriate service, too. For example, when you use Gmail, your emails are stored on Google’s servers with your Google account — you don’t have to back anything up

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Backing up iPhone notes may be an easy job now. But finding the best and most convenient way for everyone may not be that easy.

It was previously impossible to easily synchronize your iPhone’s notes between devices, but iOS4 firmware update adds a feature capable of saving notes directly—and conveniently—to your Gmail account.

In Gmail, Apple creates a label called “Notes” in the linked account. Any notes that are transferred will use this label and are only editable from an iPhone or iPod Touch, making it, unfortunately, a one-way sync. Specific notes can also be synced to different accounts. (In the the top-left corner of the Notes app, an Accounts button dictates the syncing behavior of each note.) This feature is only available through iPhones and iPod touches running the new iOS4 software.

Using Google Sync we’ve been able to sync Google Calendars, Mail, and Contacts to iPhones for a while now, but the ability to transfer Notes in either direction remained relatively untouched. This iOS4 feature requires an IMAP email account, such as Gmail or Yahoo, to work. All newly updated iDevices running iOS4 will display an option to activate the ability to save Notes online through the Mail account settings.

Apple’s iOS 4 (iPhone OS 4) added an important missing feature: a way to save your notes online. If you add an IMAP mail account like Gmail or Yahoo Mail and enable the notes feature, you can create notes that are saved to your email account.

For Gmail, Apple creates a label called Notes and saves the notes created inHow Do You Backup the Gmail section to your Gmail account. The notes can only be edited from an iPhone or iPod Touch and the changed are reflected in Gmail.You can solve all your backup problems for smartphones ,pc,mac and many other devices by signing up to, their integrated online backup takes all the hard work of protecting your data by automatically doing this behind the scenes for you.We recommend visiting our friends at Techcouponcode and getting the latest Carbonite promo code and coupon offers they release every month to save an additional 10 to 30 % on your order and get protected through Carbonites seamless system today

Does the Notes folder show in your Gmail? Here’s how it works. With Notes toggled on in Settings for the gmail account, it shows in the Notes app. But the Notes folder in the gmail does not show. So go to Settings and toggle off Notes for that gmail. Then go to mail, and the Notes folder will be there with the notes from the notes app. But to add the gmail account back in the Notes app, you have to toggle it back on in Settings. You will then not see the folder in the gmail, but the note will still be in it. It’s kind of strange. Then drop notes into it from the real notes folder.

Gmail isn’t only for Android because you could also use this free service from Google to backup all your saved iPhone notes. There are no programs to install and all you need is a good internet connection together with an existing Gmail account. Though, bear in mind that this method only works for Apple gadgets running iOS 4 onwards.


After you have successfully setup your Gmail account on iPhone, you can now create iPhone notes backup by: On your iPhone open “Settings” then “mail, contacts, calendars”. Click “Add account” and choose “Gmail”. Provide your name, email address and account password. Look for the “Notes” entry below and make sure to hit the toggle button “on”.

If you have a lot of notes saved on your iPhone and you use Gmail a lot, you can try to backup all your notes items to your Gmail account. It would be the perfect combination, as iPhone is the most popular smart phone and Gmail is the most popular email service. You can get backup your lost notes from your Gmail account once the iPhone notes is lost or deleted by mistake. And you can access your iPhone notes on every computer, be it Windows or Mac. 

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